They have helped keep me healthy even though I am 74 years. They are very thorough and perform a thorough exam when I go there which I am pleased with.
Brenda C. - Fort Worth, TX

Is cardiologist for my husband. Put in three stents June 2010 after a failed chemical stress test and cath lab tests. Office staff had some issues at one point, changeover of computer systems blamed, loss of telephone messages, etc, but actual medical care has been good. Last appointment summer of 2012.
Georgia P. - Fort Worth, TX

Dr. D'Souza is my cardiologist. I like him. He knows what he is doing. He works in a medical group but I don't know what it is. I did not have any trouble getting in. The staff was good. I would rate him highly and will use him in the future.
Linda B. - Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Kalaria is my cardiologist. I have been a patient a little over a year. I like his bedside manner and that he explains everything thoroughly. I like very much that he does not talk to you like an idiot. He will explain things until you are completely satisfied with the explanation and you understand. He is a very personable doctor and he is very knowledgeable. He is a little hard to get in to.
Michael H. - Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Gibler is my cardiologist. He treats me for a heart valve leakage, and I am on his prescriptions. He is caring, attentive, and very thorough. He conducts a lot of tests for me at this office and is a very good doctor.
Joan S. - Fort Worth, TX

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